Sharing Your Time & Expertise

Mentor Me Program

We hope that the bond between mentor and mentee will aid our youth in developing helpful and enduring relationships with both adults and their peers. We believe that these relationships will act as an outlet for our students to understand the benefits of continuing their education, expanding their culture and will motivate them to be successful in their long-term goals.

Our goal as a program is to help our students plan for high school, college and beyond. In doing so, we aim to inspire our students to challenge themselves academically, physically and emotionally, so that they may learn the skills necessary to flourish and have the courage to be open-minded advocates of change. Further, we hope students will gain an understanding and appreciation for giving back to their own communities.

Mentorship Program Goals

  • 1 Year Match
  • Minimum of 2 hours bonding outside of program hours each month
  • Must attend cultural outings or other events arranged by SCS staff
  • Must be committed to and enjoy athletics & mentoring

Community Service

While we aim to broaden our students’ global understanding, we also encourage students to celebrate the places they come from. Through fostering a commitment to becoming agents of change, we hope to help students to develop sollutions to issues they see in their communities. Students engage in neighborhood clean-up, supporting local charity events, community outreach and other social/environmental events.

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The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA

The Mentoring Partnership advances mentoring in Western PA to ignite community involvement, strengthen programs and empower youth to succeed in life.

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